When an old tree is about to die, it starts pushing out its last sprouts
Is this a call from mother Gaia, for us to act now?

One evening we were rowing out on our protected Enäjärvi lake to check the fishing nets. All of a sudden a Globe emerged from the water. It seemed to communicate messages we could not understand. We dragged the Globe to land and tried to find answers – What is this strange object trying to say? When consulting the wise ones, it became clear: We have been chosen to take this seed of mother Gaia on a journey over the seven seas, connecting with artists and communities like us, to join our strengths and carry hope.

The Seven Seas Theatre is a group of professional theatre artists who in their work and personal lives have chosen to explore a rural, sustainable lifestyle. With the sailing Gaia Rehab Theatre tour the group is heading out on a journey to open a dialogue around sustainable development with fellow artists and communities and together create visions for the future.

With the participatory ritual as a central form around our narrative, we invite the audience to weave their lives, with all their important crossroads, to a shared story of responsibility, collective effort and care for the precious Life itself.

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